Canvas Frames

Canvas frames or floating frames are ideal for framing linen, cotton, canvas or other materials stretched on a wooden frame or stretcher frame. Canvas frames are also used to frame MDF or other wooden panels. We also have 3D frames, for depth work. The 3D frames are 10 millimeters deeper than normal baking frames. Normally, canvas frames are made of ayoush wood. This is already very solid wood, but still low in weight.

The floating frames are available in various colors, but also in an unvarnished version (clear unvarnished) which can be colored by yourself. Our floating frames are also called front loaders, this means that you can easily insert the canvas or linen cloth from the front. Afterwards, the canvas is fixed firmly by screwing it on the back. In this way you can easily frame your work yourself. The frame is supplied without hanging thread or eyes, but the frame is often combined with this hanging system.

Note: our floating frames are standard cut 5 mm larger, i.e. 5 mm all round. A 50 cm x 50 cm then becomes a 51 cm x 51 cm. This is in order to absorb the tolerances on the spiral laths, for example caused by twisting.

Baking mouldings with sizes larger than 70 x 100 cm are supplied as four separate parts with a Mix&Match system. This is very easy to assemble. All parts are included and you only need a hammer to assemble the floating frame.

Our canvas frames are also used to frame, for example, MDF or other wooden panels. A floating frame not only serves as decoration, but also for protection (e.g. when transporting the cloth windows). In this way, framed canvas or other projects remain undamaged in these floating frames.

The canvas frames are manufactured in our own factory and we are only a wholesaler: we only supply to companies. You can also combine the floating frame with a suspension system from Arti Teq.

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