Aluminium Picture Frames

Mavanti has a wide range of aluminium ready made picture frames in both standard and custom sizes. The photo frames are produced in-house and have a good quality. An aluminum picture frame is a very versatile framing system and is used for framing photographs, paintings, drawings and other works of art, certificates, diplomas and other official documents and prints.

Our aluminum backloaders give your work just that little bit extra and also offer protection for your framing. An aluminium frame from Mavanti is very suitable as photo frame or picture frame.

Our aluminium picture frames have a 3 mm MDF backboard and various types of attachments (both clear and anti-reflective glass and polystyrene). Frames from 40 x 40 cm are supplied as standard with a suspension cable, for smaller sizes the frame can be hung on the swivel. The frames are also called backloaders, because you can easily open the frame system from the back and frame your work yourself, no tools or craftsmanship are required.