Enziflex 152® Paper Glue - Acid-free - 10 or 30 kg


Acid-free paper glue suitable for bonding paper to cardboard. The product is ready to use and can be used for both roller and segment gluing. Available in buckets of 10 or 30 kg.

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The liquid adhesive Enziflex 152 (formerly 318) is an adhesive based on polyvinyl acetate dispersion that can be used for laminating paper to cardboard. The product is ready for use and can be used for both roll and segment gluing.

The adhesive has a shelf life of at least 6 months, provided it is stored in cool, frost-free conditions and in closed packaging. Machine parts can be cleaned with water as long as the adhesive has not dried. If necessary, a synthetic detergent can be added to the water. Soak fully dried glue residues in warm water and then remove with a brush.

All of the above information is based on practical experience and reliable research in the laboratory. Nevertheless, we cannot accept any liability for its use, as we have no control over the conditions under which the product is stored and processed in practice.

Technical details



Product type






Viscosity in mPa.s

Brookfield RVTDV at 20°C

SL 002 A


Dry substance in %

SL 001 B



SL 003 A


Density in kg/m³

SL 006 A


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